Laying AI foundations

AI Strategy Workshop

Lay the groundwork for AI in your organization with our interactive AI Strategy Workshop.



AI will fundamentally change companies’ processes, products, services and business models in the coming years. Companies face the challenge of having to embed AI as an important component of their corporate strategy.

In this workshop, we work with you to identify the most important fields of action for developing a successful AI strategy.

Contents of the workshop:

  • Introduction to AI
  • Presentation AI use cases
  • Development of a vision for AI
  • Presentation AI strategy dimensions
  • Interactive elaboration of the dimensions
  • Action Plan & Next Steps


  • Development of the key data of their AI strategy
  • Concrete action plan


  • 1-2 days (by arrangement)


  • Free preliminary talk
  • Pre-Assessment / Preparation
  • Implementation
  • Final interview

Target group

  • Decision-makers from SMEs and corporates


  • Onsite

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