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With our offerings, we aim to bring AI into every business in our region.

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→ Events & Networking
  • Access AI Hub network Members can independently place their content in the network via various exchange formats.
  • Participation in AI events The AI Hub Frankfurt regularly hosts events for networking, experience exchange and matching.
  • Discuss in focus groups In topic-related focus groups, members have the opportunity to set priorities and drive projects forward.
→ Consulting & Support
  • AI Launchpad Program In this format, a use case is identified for companies and prototyped in the cloud.
  • Open AI workshops Workshop formats are conducted to serve companies in adapting AI technology.
  • AI Act Assessment Here companies have the opportunity to have their AI solutions assessed with regard to the AI Act.
→ Talents & Skills
  • Participation in trainings Regular data and AI trainings are held for users, developers and managers.
  • Access to Talent Events Talent Events have allowed companies to connect with AI talent in the region.
  • Access to AI Talent Pool* This format allows you to target AI talent with specific requests (e.g. events, jobs).
→ Start-up & Innovation
  • AI Start-up Workshops AI startups offer workshops where companies can learn about their solutions.
  • AI start-up pitches Companies have opportunities to meet startups at dedicated pitch events.
  • AI start-up database* This format enables exciting startups to be identified and approached.
→ Start-ups
Free of charge

AI start-ups with up to 50 employees

→ Talents
Free of charge

Students, graduates, PhD participants and (young) professionals with a data and AI background.

→ Angels & VCs
Free of charge

Business angels and VCs interested in AI investments

→ SMEs & Corporates
from 499€ per month

Companies that (want to) use AI and benefit from the offerings in the Hub

* Offer in the course of the year 2023



  • Sponsorship of public events The AI Hub offers a wide range of sponsorship opportunities for various events. This can include logo placement, speaker slots, a booth, and rights to images and video footage.
  • Organize your own AI events As a partner, companies can offer and conduct their own events, workshops and trainings in the AI Hub. If needed, they will be supported by the AI Hub team.
  • Establishment of own consulting formats In the AI Hub, partners can offer, promote and implement their own consulting formats for member companies around data and artificial intelligence.
  • Appointment of focus topics This includes the one-year leadership of the focus group and the exclusive right to host events, workshops, trainings or other formats on the corresponding topic.
  • Prominent logo placement Partners are prominently placed in all AI Hub channels. We will prominently display the logo on website, social media, press, print media, newsletters and events.
  • Access to participant lists As a partner, you will receive access to (anonymized) participant lists in advance and afterwards.
  • Own trainings & workshops As a partner, you can place your own training and workshop formats and implement them together with members.
  • Individual consulting projects As a partner, you have the opportunity to launch individual consulting and implementation projects to solve your AI challenges.
  • AI Due Diligence AI Due Diligence evaluates the AI technology of start-ups in terms of functionality, future viability, prospects for success and market potential.
  • AI Startup Radar* Partners are supported in identifying and selecting interesting start-ups. Subsequently, personal contact is established between the partner company and the start-up.
  • AI Venture Building* Partners can help build and shape the AI Hub’s venture building activities. Together, we develop innovative AI ideas into independent ventures.
  • AI Investments* The AI Hub advises companies on investing in AI startups and provides access to innovative and promising AI investment opportunities itself.
→ Partner
Individual pricing

Partners are companies and organizations that develop and implement formats together with the AI Hub.

* Offer in the course of the year 2023

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Our vision: AI innovation right in the heart of Frankfurt




The AI Hub HQ is to be built in the middle of Frankfurt. A place where the future of the region is created. A Home for AI in Frankfurt.

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